Welcome to MKE BOSS, an online platform designed to support and empower small business owners from communities of color in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

MKE BOSS provides a one-stop-shop for Milwaukee’s aspiring and existing entrepreneurs of color.

How MKE BOSS helps

Find the resources you need to Build, Operate, Scale, and Sustain your small businessThe platform facilitates access to capital, technical assistance services, educational opportunities, and more.

By working together, we seek to increase the number, capacity, and success of Milwaukee’s small business entrepreneurs of color.


We aim to foster greater understanding among our partners about how to work together more effectively to grow our impact and better serve the needs of our clients.

Small business ownership is a powerful tool for wealth generation and economic growth. However, we also recognize that systemic inequities in lending and other resources have historically disadvantaged minority small business owners. Through MKE BOSS, we are committed to changing this dynamic.

By providing equitable access to these resources, we can better support Milwaukee entrepreneurs, begin removing the systemic barriers that have historically held them back, and help create a more vibrant, diverse, and equitable small business landscape in our city. We are proud to be part of this vital work, and we invite you to join us in supporting Milwaukee through MKE BOSS.


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